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The Finby Kimmes Wealth Management Group provides wealth management assistance to investors. This Group is comprised of four professionals highly-trained in investment planning, account supervision, and support. The Finby Kimmes Wealth Management Group’s most senior Financial Advisors are Rhonda J. Finby and Jonathan F. Kimmes. The impressive education and experience composite of the entire group is detailed throughout their brochure. “The Finby Kimmes Wealth Management Group: Education and Experience matter.” Together, this Group will work to identify your financial status, clarify your financial goals, and implement the appropriate investment plans. The Finby Kimmes Wealth Management Group will work together with you, providing the skill, process, and support for which you have been searching. The Finby Kimmes Wealth Management Group will help you chart a wealth management course, and will help you steer your investment plans to fruition.

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Rhonda Jean Finby, CFP®,CIMA®,CRPC®

Managing Director - Investments

Senior PIM Portfolio Manager

CA Insurance Lic # 0A05272

866-964-0089 Toll Free



Jonathan F. Kimmes

Senior Vice President - Investment Officer

CA Insurance Lic #0D84988

866-964-0089 Toll Free